We Are Bellingham Rotaract

Welcome to the Rotaract Club of Bellingham!

We are a vibrant group of young adults interested in giving back to our community. Our occupations, education, and personal interests all vary, but we are unified by a similar goal; service above self.

Located in Bellingham, WA, the Rotaract Club of Bellingham is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Bellingham, Bellingham Bay, Bellingham Sunrise, Burlington, Mount Baker, and Ferndale.

Meeting Information:
Every Monday at 5pm
In-person at AW-302 with a hybrid option offered.

McKenzie Harris as VP of Rotary and AS Affairs
Lily Storbeck as VP of Community Service and Events
McKenzie McLeod as VP of Public Relations and Recruitment


  • What is Rotaract? We’re a student-led club for young adults interested in community service and professional development.
  • What is the time commitment? Whatever you want it to be! You can attend weekly meetings, bi-weekly local events, or both. Join our Discord to hear about everything going on.
  • Why join Rotaract? We provide a space to connect with peers and give back to our community. Rotaract is also an international organization with great networking and leadership opportunities. Plus, it looks great on a resume.
  • Is Rotaract religious? No, our club is not religious. We focus on local organizations and causes our members are passionate about.

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Catch up with us on social media:
– Facebook: Bellingham Rotaract
– Instagram: @bellinghamrotaract